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If you haven’t already:


While I love this alternative, cost & eco-friendly concept of an online magazine that you can virtually flip through (and I dearly miss Blueprint + domino), it’s lacking something for me. Probably that feeling of the pages between your fingers, the crisp print jobs and the ability to look at photos 2cm away from my eyeballs. Does this thing even have a zoom option?

195 pages…freedom from printing budgets is nice, as is the ability to instantly click on a product I like to visit a company’s webpage. But is this the most legible & navigable format to put this in? I have yet to formulate a full opinion.

One duh quote I’ve enjoyed so far, that I hope people actually LISTEN to and consider… “It’s time. it’s long overdue in fact–we need to think about where things are made and what resources are used to make them…”

I’m only page 35. This is gonna be awhile…What do you guys think?