View from the living room window

One Saturday I woke up to something glorious in my “backyard.” (By backyard I mean alleyway/low rise buildings/broad street that all run behind our apartment building.)


Antiques on Broad has been running every other Saturday since mid-July. And I am in heaven every other Saturday because of it.
Local antique vendors, thrift store owners, estate sale runners, gallery owners, etc. set up booths, tables and tents and peddle their wares. Some of it is super expensive, some of it is very reasonably priced. Here’s some photos from my trip yesterday. These were taken on my phone (pardon the quality) in one of the nicer galleries which generally has beautiful stuff that is way out of my price range. But still fun to look at.

knoll handkerchief chair
knoll handkerchief chair $$$

I’ve been eyeing this light blub pendant since July because it’s funny. But it’s $165…and we can’t exactly install fixtures in our rental.

I LOVE this vase but it was $65ish

And here is something I actually bought, from a woman named Jane BollĂ© who had lots of beautiful stuff, and knew the value of it. As in she wasn’t willing to haggle. But of course I tried.


I purchased this old Seminole skirt for $30 because I couldn’t resist the vibrant colors, a-line silhouette and truly amazing hand sewn patterns.


Now I just have to figure out how to make the waistline larger because it’s made for a size -2.