bedroom before

Here it is, in all of it’s hanging-smoke-detector, bulk TP glory: our bedroom.
A few months ago.

This is my first time living with a boyfriend, and thankfully he lets me do whatever I want decorating wise. I was, however, strictly forbidden to bring along his old headboard. For some reason it disgusted him. So we went without a headboard and I had plans in my brain all along for this glorious headboard we would some day make together. Fast forward to five months later…and I finally bought the supplies from Mary Jo’s in Gastonia, NC. (Considering how big the store was, there wasn’t much I liked. But I do LOVE this yellow microsuede.)

Fast forward about another two months and one Sunday we built the headboard.

during headboard

We kept the shape simple (I didn’t want to scare Matt away with anything too crazy.) But there was no way I was going to make this thing without including some tufting. (Click to view ’em big)

headboard after

headboard after 2

There are some unfortunate wrinkle issues betwix the covered buttons–I suppose we didn’t pull the fabric tight enough when we stapled it. Or we didn’t focus on smoothing out the fabric as we sewed the buttons on. Either way, since we were using a foot-long upholstery needle and stabbing blindly through about 4 inches of foam (we doubled up for luxury, baby) + 2 inches of batting, plywood and fabric….well, I’m pretty proud of the outcome.

I owe my headboard-loving life to these two tutorials, which include results much more amazing than mine:
BYOV: How to Tuft Upholstered Headboard
AT Chicago: DIY Tufted Headboard

P.S. I know the red filing cabinet is crazy…I don’t know if it will stay there. But for now it works.