Bear with me, I’m gonna try to learn how to use this thing.

…As if I’m actually talking to anyone.

I have a bunch of things I want to remember to reference/look at later/share with friends. Here’s no. 1 on a long list that is in no way, shape or form organized:


I purchased a set of Marcel Dzama prints for an old roommate awhile back. I wish I could remember how I stumbled upon his stuff…its all quite creepy and thought provoking. I love his illustration style and insanely weird subject matter. It’s like cool, cutesy, muted-color cartoony and then…hey wait, that’s a naked man wearing half a business suit, and over there…is that a baby with a deer head? I would like to step inside his brain.

Some time after this, (my internet radio/social networking site of choice. sorry pandora.) played Department of Eagles for me. and NOW look… dzama prints come to life. ¡me gusta!

p.s. I had to watch a youtube video to learn how to embed a youtube video into a post. oy. this is going to be interesting…